Curriculum Vitae


Valeh Aghazadeh, PhD
Associate Professor of Mineral Processing

Personal Information:

·        Name:Valeh

·        Surname:Aghazadeh

·        Nationality: Iranian


·        Mining Engineering Faculty, Sahand University of Technology, P.O Box 51335-1996,

·        Tabriz, Iran

·        E-mail: ;

·        Tel: +98-411-3459235         Fax: +98-411-3444311


Professional Experience:

·        Assistant Professor in Mineral Processing, Mining Engineering Faculty, Sahand University of Technology,Tabriz,Iran, 2011-current.

·        Director of Administrative Affaires,Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran, 2011- current

·        Design, installation and operation of a Hydrometallurgy laboratory, Sahand University of Technology,Tabriz, Iran,2011

·        Senior Process Engineer, Asesanat Sonsultant Comapany, Tehran- Iran, 2008-2009

·        Deputy of Varzeghan Technical Institute,2004-2006

·        Lecturere at Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran, 2003-2006

·        1.5 years working at R&D, Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex, 2001- 2002

·        2 months practical workshop, Mineral Processing Plant, Mazraeh Copper Mine, Ahar-Iran, 1998




·        PhD: Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran, 2006-2011.

·        PhD Thesis Title: “Chalcopyrite Leaching Enhancement in atmospheric and Sulphate Media Condition

·        Visiting Student: Lulea University of Technology, Lulea, Sweden, 2010.

·        MSc: Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 2000-2002.

·        MSc Thesis Title: “Leaching Of  Sungun Copper Oxide r Ore

·        BSc: Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran, 1995-1999.


Professional Membership:

·        Iranian Society of Mining Engineering (IRSME).

·        E-Azerbaijan Mining Engineering Organization.


Areas of Interests:

·        Hydrometallurgy

·        Biohydrometallurgy

·        Kinetic and Thermodynamic of Hydrometallurgical Process

·        Electrochemistry of Leaching



·        Turkish

·        Persian

·        English

Teaching Experience:

·        General Chemistry,(BSc).

·        Physical Chemistry,(BSc).

·        Thermodynamic(BSc)

·        Advanced Hydrometallurgy,(MSc).

·        Applied Hydrometallurgy,(MSc).

·        Industrial Mineral Processing,(MSc)

·        Principle of Mineral Processing Plant Design,(MSc)

·        Hydrometallurgical Processes,(PhD)

·        Kinetic in Mineral Beneficiation Process,(PhD)


Training Courses and Workshops Attended:

·        One day workshop, Copper & Gold extraction by hydrometallurgy method, Boliden, Sweden,2010

·        One day workshop, Copper production by Hydrocopper method, Dr Kojo Manger of Outotec  R&D Center, Organized by Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Tehran-Iran, 2008

·        Two days workshop, Principle of Remote Sensing and GIS, Sahand University of Technology, 2004

·        Three days workshop,TQM, Training and development of effective management Center, Tabriz- Iran, 2004

·        Two days workshop, Teaching Methods, Sahand University of Technology and Institute of Research and Planning in Higher Education, Tabriz-Iran, 2004


Awards and Distinctions:

·        First rank in MSc and PhD entrance exam



Dr S.M.J Koleini:Department of Mineral Processing, Faculty of Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.

Prof. Ake Sandstrom: Division of Extractive Metallurgy, Department of Chemical Engineering and Geoscience, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden





·        Nabizadeh, A., Aghazadeh, V., Use a Mixture of Ammonia and Ammonium Carbonate for Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex Concentrate Leaching at Ambient Temperature and Pressure,Iranian Journal of Mining Engineering(IRSME), Vol.8,N.20,2013,pp.17-24

·        S.M. Javad Koleini, M. Jafarian., M, Abdollahy., S, Javadian., and  V. Aghazadeh., 2011, Galvanic Leaching of Chalcopyrite in Sulphate Media with Ferric Ion at the Presence of Pyrite Catalyst, Journal of Separation Science and Engineering(JSSE), 2(2)

·        S.M. Javad Koleini, Valeh Aghazadeh, Ake Sandstrom,2010, Acidic Sulphate Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrates in Presence of Pyrite, Minerals Engineering, 381-386,(5)24

·        S.M.J Koleini, M.Jafarian, M. Abdollahy, V.Aghazadeh, 2010, Galvanic Leaching of Chalcopyrite in Atmospheric pressure and Sulphate Media, Kinetic Investigation and Surface Studies, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 49, 5997-6002.

·        M.Oliazadeh, V.Aghazadeh, M.Torabi, R.H.Tabatabaei,2004, Application of LIX984-N for Copper Extraction from Sungun Leaching Solution, International Journal of Engineering Science(IJES), Vol.15,No.4,pp.47-51.

·        M.Oliazadeh, V.Aghazadeh, M.Noparast, M.Torabi,2004, Effective Parameters Investigation on Heap Leaching of Sungun Copper Oxide Ore, Journal of Engineering Faculty, Vol.38,No.5,pp.657-665.



·        Bidari,E., Aghazadeh, V and Faridazad, M., Investigation of Effective Parameters in Copper Slag   Ammonia Leaching, 32nd National and the 1st International Geoscience Congress, Tehran, 1392

·        Aghazadeh, V., Sardari, M.H., Zinc Recovery from Hot Filter Cake Produced by Zinc Plant with Alkaline Reagents, 32nd National and the 1st International Geoscience Congress, Tehran, 1392

·        Nabizadeh,A., Aghazadeh,V., Riahi,A., Danshpajouh,Sh., Investigation of Effective Parameters on Sarcheshmeh Chalcopyrite Concentrate Leaching with Ammonia, ICME,University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran, 16-21 Sep. 2013

·        Nabizadeh,A., Aghazadeh,V., Johari,F., Selective Leaching of Gharetappeh Copper Oxide Ore with Ammonia Solution, ICME,University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran, 16-21 Sep. 2013

·        Aghazadeh, V., Sandstrom, A., Koleini, S.M.J. Daneshpajouh, Sh., Chalcopyrite Copper Concentrate Leaching Enhancement in Sulphate Media by Pyrite as a Catalyst, Submitted to 22nd World Mining Congress & Expo,2011, Turkey

·        Khoshkhoo Sany, M., Aghazadeh, V., Shchukarev, A., Sandstrom, A., Dopson, M., Investigation of the nature of the passivating layer in galvanically assisted chalcopyrite leaching, Submitted to 19th IBS 2011, China.

·        S.M.J Koleini, M. Abdollahi,  V.Aghazadeh, Investigation of Chalcopyrite Galvanic Leaching in the Presence of Pyrite in Atmospheric Pressure and Sulphate Media, 3rd Mining Engineering Conference, Yazd University,Yazd,2010,Iran.

·        Samiee, V. Aghazadeh, A. Khodadadi, Investigation of environmental affected of Sungun copper mine, 26thSymposium in earth science, 2008, Tehran-Iran  

·        V.Aghazadeh, S.M.J Koleini and H. Zareh Tavakoli, Investigation of  affect temperature and size material in expansion of perlite in Shirinbolagh2 mine, , 25th Symposium in earth science,2007, Tehran-Iran.

·        Seyyed Kh. Sadrnejad, V.Aghazadeh, M.Mozammel, B.Nasrnia, Production of manganese sulfate from manganese concentrate bearing of  pyrolusite, 10th congress of Iran Metallurgical Engineering, Mashhad University,2006, Mashhad-Iran.

·        Oliazadeh,M.,Aghazadeh,V.,Torabi,M, Application of  Solvent Extraction for Copper Recovery of  from Sungun  Leaching Solution,The 8th International Conference on Environment & Mineral Processing, 2004, Czech Republic.

·        V. Aghazadeh, M.Oliazadeh & M.Torabi, Metallurgical Test for Recovery of Copper from Sungun Copper Oxide Ore by Heap Leaching Method. 8th Congress of Chemical Engineering, Ferdosi University,2003, Mashhad- Iran.


Research Projects:

·        استحصال آرسنیک از کنسانتره سرب تولیدی توسط شرکت بین المللی تحقیقات صنعت و معدن آیرما, مجری طرح, کارفرما: شرکت بین المللی تحقیقات صنعت و معدن آیرما, 91-90

·        بررسی نحوه استحصال مس از کانسنگ اکسیدی مس ارسالی از شرکت صانع پژوهان آذر, مجری طرح, شرکت صانع پژوهان آذر, 91-90

·        بررسی پارامترهای موثر در حذف هماتيت از کائولن آبگرم هشترود, همکار طرح, طرح پژوهشی داخلی دانشگاه صنعتی سهند,1385-1384

·        مطالعه و بررسی امکان فرآوری مواد معدنی موجود در استان آذربايجان شرقی، همکار طرح, کارفرما: سازمان صنايع و معادن استان آذربايجان شرقی 1384-1383